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Is your child voicing a lot of worry? Are you noticing that they are avoiding situations they were once comfortable in?  Is your child becoming more irritable as of late? Are they shutting down and shutting you out? You are unsure if the recent changes in your child are just a phase or something else. You have tried everything in your toolbox to help calm and reassure your child, but feel nothing has helped. You begin to feel hopeless. Nothing is hopeless. It can sometimes be hard to share what is causing us to feel afraid, nervous, worried or sad, especially for children. As a Certified Child & Adolescent Anxiety Treatment Professional,  I can help your child learn the skills to take charge of their worried, nervous, sad and anxious feelings while bolstering their self-confidence around their courageous ability to handle those feelings. I can help your child learn to identify and embrace their strengths and all the wonderfulness that makes them who they are.  I can help add additional tools to your parenting toolbox to help you feel more supported and hopeful as you help your child through this season of life.  Let’s work together to move toward change.

My Experience:  Helping others has been a passion of mine for decades. My first experience in a helping role in mental health gave me a deep appreciate for the challenges and struggles that people face day to day. It also shown me firsthand the strength and resilience that people have in the face of life’s difficulties. I especially love working with kids and teens. I have spent the majority of my career as a child and adolescent therapist helping them and their families with many things they may be experiencing: ADHD, anxiety, depression, self-confidence and more. I approach all clients with respect, compassion, patience and understanding. I strive to create a safe and comfortable environment that facilitates trust and meets the unique needs of each client. My therapeutic approach entails building off and increasing client’s strengths while teaching skills to help improve overall functioning in the areas of home, community and school.

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