Patrick M. Knight, PhD, MSW


Have you encountered challenges that block you from having fulfilling relationships with others or keep you from who you wish to be? Perhaps you feel dissatisfied, uncertain, or stuck in certain areas of your life and believe change cannot be achieved. Distress – in its numerous forms, such as relational tension, parenting issues, grief, loss, and more – is part of our shared human experience. Yet certain forms of distress may enter our lives at times and create a number of difficulties. While taking the first step to address these difficulties in your life may be challenging for some, I provide a non-judgmental, empathic, and collaborative space for individuals to explore their thoughts, strengths, feelings, and behavior. My goal is to provide you with a supportive environment where you can vent, process, explore, and learn in a manner that leaves you empowered to pursue personal change in a manner and pace that is all your own.

Professional Experience: I have been helping others in a professional capacity for over seven years – first as a mental health professional in a community setting with adults grappling with serious mental illness, and then more recently as a social worker (LSW) providing a range of therapeutic and supportive services to adolescents, adults, and older adults. Working therapeutically with another human being requires the use of multiple lenses. Hence, I draw on a range of resources when collaborating with clients during their personal journey. To enhance this effort, I draw on my extensive background in health anthropology (PhD) to create a fuller picture of the diverse factors that shape your life and promote meaningful change.

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