While kids grow up fast, parents' concern for their health and well being does not stop. Maybe you are feeling concerned about your child's frequent meltdowns or your teen spending a lot of time alone in their room.  Our child therapists collectively have over 25 years of experience working exclusively with kids and teens. They specialize in working with mental health concerns such as:

 ADHD, Anxiety, Adjustment, College Readiness, Depression, Emotional Regulation, Executive Functioning Skills, Friendship Challenges/Bullying, Healthy Relationships, OCD, School Refusal, Self-Confidence/Esteem, Social Skills, Trauma.

When it comes to your child or teen, our therapists believe in a team approach. Together, they will work with the child or teen and their parents as well. The therapists offer parent sessions to provide parental support and equip them with skills to further assist their child or teen with meeting their goals.  They will also collaborate  with additional outside providers such as psychiatrist, primary care physician, teachers, occupational therapists, or school counselors/social workers. 

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