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Every age and stage can bring about obstacles and challenge. Whether it be your 5-year-old voicing fears of sleeping alone because they fear the monster in the dark, your spirited middle schooler feeling like they don’t fit in with their peers, you’re a new mom navigating motherhood or you’re wanting to heal past emotional wounds, we are here to help you to overcome, grow and succeed in the face of life’s hurdles.
While life is filled with the unexpected, you don’t have to navigate it alone. 

At Roots of Resilience, our clinicians are here to help and guide you through the rocky road each age and stage can bring. From childhood, adolescence, adulthood to advanced adulthood, we have clinicians that can help in every stage of life. Our team of caring clinicians are here to walk with you during times of struggle, frustration, and success.

We have clinicians specializing in the care of mental health for kids and teens and will work with them to gain skills, confidence and resiliency. Parents are a part of the equation as well. Our parenting sessions are designed to support parents in creating a road map of strategies, skills and support to help their child handle whatever life throws their way. Our monthly parenting workshops empower parents to gain support, knowledge and strategies to add to their parenting toolbox.

Perhaps you’re an adult feeling the pressures of finding the right work/life balance. Maybe you are looking to heal old childhood wounds. Whatever leads you to reach out, our adult therapists are here to listen, support and celebrate your successes.  Our adult clinicians are well versed in caring for and treating a variety of concerns ranging from anxiety, depression, trauma, marital discord, attachment, healing relationships, grief and loss, and life transitions to name a few. No matter what unexpected stress, hurdle or transition life throws your way, we are here to help. Together we can help you, your child or teen to recognize your strengths and resilience for overcoming even the tallest of hurdles.

“Promise me you’ll always remember: you’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” - Christopher Robin



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