We offer group therapy services, as well as single session workshops that are tailored to help you achieve your treatment goals while continuing to build upon your strengths. We are here to help find the best course of treatment for you, your child, adolescent or family.


Group Therapy

 6-8 weekly therapy group sessions are offered so clients can benefit from further peer support and focused skills in certain areas, such as:

DBT skills


Anxiety Management

Emotional Regulation

Healthy Relationships

Friendship/Social Skills

Single Session Workshops for Children & Adolescents

Busy schedule? Don’t have time to commit to a weekly therapy group? We offer single session workshops to accommodate even the busiest of schedules. Workshops are offered as a single occurrence, are 2-3 hours in length and are offered for both parents, children/teens.


Road Map to Self-Confidence

Social Butterflies: how to strengthen social skills

Empowerment and Identify on Social Media for Teen Girls

Emotional Regulation

Building Healthy Boundaries

College Bound: how to feel prepared for college life

Executive Functioning Skills

Being the Boss of Your Worry: learning how to be in charge of anxiety and worry

Single Session Parenting Workshops:

Parenting Strategies for an Anxious Child

Parenting Strategies for a Child with ADHD

How to connect and support your Teen

How to connect and support your Pre-Teen

Parenting strategies to help connect and decrease unexpected behaviors

How to parent a child with mental health needs

Parenting strategies to help children cope with divorce/separation.

Parenting strategies with difficult transitions

How to talk to your Teen about Healthy Relationships


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Who: Kids in Grades 5th-8th

What: Join us for a 90 min Single Session Workshop focused on creating a Road Map to Self-Confidence. Topics to be covered include:  Healthy Self-Confidence and Mental Health, Growth Mindset, Identifying our Strengths and Values, Creating our own Values Board

When: Saturday, October 14, 2023  10:00am-11:30am

Where: Roots of Resilience

Investment:  We accept Aetna & BCBS, $75 self-pay rate

Contact our office to reserve your spot! Space is limited to 12!




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